Ukraine war LIVE: Zelensky’s urgent warning Russia has brought world to ‘brink of WW3’ | World | News

Ukrainian President Zelensky has sounded the alarm over the bloodshed in Ukraine, cautioning that it could escalate into a global conflict on the scale of World War 3. The Ukrainian leader accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of “lighting fires” globally, creating a situation that risks spiralling out of control.

Zelensky pointed to Russia’s involvement in various international conflicts, including the October attack by Hamas terrorists in Israel, describing it as a manifestation of Russia’s desires. He claimed that the Kremlin was actively stirring up trouble in the Balkans, suggesting that they might be preparing for further actions.

“We think that they are preparing now in the Balkans, they are doing new steps. And we think that they are trying to train or even training some people. The idea is to begin one conflict and they don’t manage it, don’t try to stop it,” President Zelensky told The Sun.

Ukraine, according to Zelensky, finds itself at the epicentre of the global risks associated with a potential Third World War. He expressed the belief that Russia will persist until the United States and China jointly intervene and insist that Russia withdraw from Ukrainian territory.

The Ukrainian President highlighted the diversion of global attention caused by the conflict in Israel, asserting that it doesn’t aid Ukraine’s cause. Zelensky also drew attention to Moscow’s ties with Hamas backers in Iran, emphasizing Iran’s support for Russia’s war effort through the supply of deadly kamikaze drones.

Since the full-scale invasion launched by Putin on February 24 last year, the toll in Ukraine has been devastating, with up to 600,000 people killed or injured, the majority being Russian soldiers.


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