BBC Says ‘Top Gear’ Not Returning For “Foreseeable Future” – Deadline

Top Gear will not be seen for the “foreseeable future,” the BBC has said.

The show has been off air since host Andrew Flintoff picked up “life-alteringly significant” injuries following a crash, which led to a £9M payout for the cricketing legend and a Health and Safety review.

In the past few minutes, the BBC has put out a statement saying it has “decided to rest the UK show for the foreseeable future.”

It said it remains committed to Flintoff and his co-hosts Paddy McGuinness and Chris Reid, “and we’re excited about new projects being developed with each of them.”

“We know resting the show will be disappointing news for fans, but it is the right thing to do,” said the statement. “All other Top Gear activity remains unaffected by this hiatus including international formats, digital, magazines and licensing.”


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