16 Airline Employees Reveal The Wild On The Job Stories


And finally, “I was on base maintenance for my national airline carrier in 2013 or so. Aircraft was scheduled for take off, and the pilot followed procedure per the usual: the chocks come off the wheel, the engine spools up, and it taxies to the runway. Except the ground personnel didn’t clear the chocks in time, because he didn’t follow procedure. They’re often poorly trained or not at all as part of cost cutting. Pilot spooled up the engine and it sucked the ground personnel straight into the turbofan.”

“His torso was pinned against the fan cone, which shredded his limbs and head right off. We spent the next two weeks decommissioning the engines. Damn near a $5 million bill. His family got a monthly severance. Now I know what it’s like to power-wash someone’s bones out of complex machinery.”


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